Ancient Codes Reveal Key of Wellbeing, COVID Immunity and Perpetual Youth at Any Age

“And now I give you a new commandment – love just one another”: John 13-34

These revealing terms at initially glance seems noble and straight forward. But, on deeper reflection, they increase compelling questions. Such as: why require of a new commandment provided we previously have 10 commandments unto Moses – Moses this means, you/me as ethical guy.

In greedy ‘new commandment’ being familiar with, a simple fact of human existence requirements to be viewed as esoterically: that, we each come in to this earth spiritually inactive, spiritually asleep in mortal bodies with mortal minds.

This write-up will decode the expression ‘commandment(s)’, and handle how attaining COVID immunity is our latent ability.

But 1st,

1 Corinthians 15: 35-58 ‘man is first pure then spiritual’.

Corinthians makes it esoterically apparent that John 13-34 is not referring to loving each individual human being in the globe with human emotional like as this sort of.

Instead, thanks to the inherited ‘natural gentleman/mortal mind’ typical, John 13–34 is fully about personal change, transformation — a caterpillar-butterfly-like metamorphosis. And, as we shall see, this ‘change’ changes everything over and above the ‘natural male/mortal mind’ standing – ‘man’ getting symbolism for ‘mind’.

Thanks to accumulations of pure guy transgressions — prior to religious awakening — direct aware connection with God was not feasible. But now, ‘new commandment’ reveals specifically how religious male/mind is occur on, recognized as immediate perception in consciousness how this interior change adjustments the whole physiology from ‘natural’ to religious, foundation steel to gold, mortal to immortal, now, in this incarnation, and that after occur upon, the position is hardly ever shed.

What are Commandments?

Commandments, although seeming as 10 different dictates, stand for universal regulations, the countless in no way-changing legislation of mother nature, which by no means-changing rules are dependable for the at any time-transforming phenomenal environment, and the evolution of all creation’. ‘New commandment’ therefore is not an addition to the common ten commandments, somewhat, are 1 and the same incorporate Whole.

Let’s tease this out:

Digit 1 = Gentleman + digit [Divine] = 10, indicating Completeness. The intervening digits 2—9 symbolizing the evolution of the 1 — pure male/brain — to 10, therefore undivided or wholeness. Commandment singular thus is directive, that means the unrelenting move of directional knowledge. An interior showing of the way in how to are living spiritually.

With 10 the symbolism for Wholeness, Completeness, therefore, ten-10, as a Commandment, signifies our signifies unto Unity consciousness, unto everlasting Regulation regular. In other phrases, somewhat than looking through as ten different commandment rules, preferably it need to be comprehended to examine ‘Commandment of 10’ – commandment of Unity, of Unconditional Adore, of Completeness, of 1+ = 10.

New Commandment hence is reenforcing man’s crucial unto completeness, unto wholeness of consciousness. A soul in excellent harmony with – even though at the same time outside of — the guidelines of character: a soul-non secular concordance with the innumerable undeviating regulations still freed from their ‘natural man’ grip.

Established in everlasting existence, the Heart retains His commandment of Love the natural way for creative cosmic-spiritual expression only. Like the caterpillar, the critical for humans is soul-launch from the cocoon of karmic bondage unto eternal Butterfly status of Really like, thereby release from persuasive transgressions of the guidelines of character and associated suffering.

So, let us split this verse down into more digestible chunks, after which we are going to simplify the decoded language and expose wherever particularly inside the human physiology this new commandment is alluding, and how practically the Alchemy can take area.

John 13-34 decoded

“Jesus reported” – the biblical identify ‘Jesus’ is a-specified title referencing Perfect, or Ideal Person or Thoughts, the latent Christ Likely within just every soul awaiting ‘spiritual birth’ unto consciousness. Phrases subsequent “Jesus mentioned” are Greater Wisdom: emanations of the innate Likely — Best Intellect.

‘And’ – consequent of inner awakening

‘Now’ – everlasting current moment

‘I’ – Prospective consciousness – Increased ‘I’ as opposed to lessen-ego ‘I’.

‘Give’ – directive knowledge or divine revelation

‘You’ – unto our spiritually evolving brain

“A’ – specific

‘New” – capacity of Pure Consciousness not earlier attainable in ‘natural man’ common.

“Commandment” vibrational Adore resonance: set up of the anxious method facilitating Pure Consciousness directly.

“Appreciate one another” – integration of the 12 cranial nerves in the brain: Alchemy method in just the human nervous procedure.

Set an additional way

“And now” – recognizing Increased Self.

I – Consciousness as ‘I Am’ the everlasting consciousness.

“give you” – revelation unto our religious Self.

“a new” – capacity of recognizing everlasting everyday living further than the spiritually asleep ‘natural man’ condition.

“commandment” – Directive: All-Recognizing intelligence/wisdom beyond human deduction or knowledge.

“Love a single yet another” Awakening the mechanisms in the brain and anxious process to withstand a larger condition of consciousness — transcendental consciousness — while nevertheless in the relative ‘time’ planet, therefore harmonization of inner faculties — mind/nervous process — with the undeviating legal guidelines of mother nature, the commandments.


And Now [in the Transcendent Moment] I give [infuse] unto consciousness — unto the brain/anxious program/physiology, a greater vibration from which to evolve spiritually – that of pure transcendental consciousness, as a result, immortal standing.

Kundalini, 12 Apostles and the 12 Cranial Nerves

It really is appealing that, Jesus, in John 13-33, addresses the apostles: “you [as natural man] cannot go exactly where I am going”. Then, in John 13-34 reveals particularly how we get to where by he IS and, how accessing ‘where I am going’ is by initiating new commandment position unto consciousness.

The 12 apostles, of program, are not 12 particular person individuals. They stand for one’s internal suggests unto wholeness — in numerology 12, 10, 7, 3 depict completeness. ‘Apostles’ for that reason are titles or symbolisms representing areas of the mind and its prospective for religious enhancement — in conjunction with the spinal column. Thus the spinal column is the all-essential website link in between mind, overall body and larger states of consciousness.

Apostles and cranial nerves consequently are just one and the identical dynamic, every built for bringing about imaginative physiological unity for divine expression: ‘followers’ or neuron conduits facilitating non secular everyday living or, dwelling through the Holy Spirit. These 12 colleges merged, in conjunction with the spinal column, constitute the central anxious program liable for coordination of the entire bodily physique and its cosmically aligned action.

There is also the peripheral nervous technique: a network of nerves, neurons or nadis that hook up the entire body with the central nervous process.So the human anxious process is the greatest in creation,

Apparently, we have a next ‘brain’ centre located in the tummy identified as the photo voltaic plexus, that means sun network – centre for anger integration and other critical duties regards soul evolving spiritually.

When Jesus in John 13-34 states “and now I give you a new commandment” in practical phrases, this ‘New’ is about awakening the brain’s nerve-network particularly unto increased rejuvenated position – unto neural pathways connecting the complete physiological and mental schools optimally. These nerve centres have ordained goal: they facilitate transcendence further than the actual physical human body unto eternal consciousness when even now inhabiting the actual physical human body.

New commandment consequently is about kundalini awakening, the alchemizing miracle that rewires the brain. Known as [the] Ascension or Resurrection [of consciousness], this kundalini party, owning channelled up by the spinal column, triggers the all-crucial procedure of awakening the brain’s pineal and pituitary glands, which then arouse and cell the cranial nerves into spiritual support, therefore establishing everlasting bliss consciousness.

Two states of consciousness simultaneously

Fluctuating generally concerning wakeful, dreaming, and deep sleep, by figuring out new commandment consciousness, the central nervous method gets a new established-up, an arrangement not earlier regarded, that of retaining eternal bliss consciousness without decline the nervous process withstanding two states of consciousness at the same time — relative [laws of nature] and absolute [beyond laws of nature] — not formerly attainable in ‘natural man’ amount.

The Bible refers to these kinds of as Fact. In other phrases, New Commandment, on realization within just consciousness, gets set up Truth in day-to-day life – so, [the] Truth shall established you absolutely free [from the binding influence of natural man, the spiritually asleep or animalistic state of consciousness].

Two Issues

In the context of the higher than scripture referring to the mind and central anxious process, two noticeable queries crop up: how virtually do we ‘love one particular another’, appreciate the 12 faculties, and how do we initiate this course of action?

Luckily, Luke 9-48 offers the remedy.

Jesus claimed [unto the apostles] – the 12 cranial:

“He who is the very least among the you all is the finest”

The expression ‘least’ is referring to taming the ever-roaming lower-ego-fed intellect unto issue consciousness. Bringing the 12 mind schools to ‘least amid you all’, is by generating the scattered intellect the very least, honing it to ‘point’, which converged concentration in the mid mind expands the mindful ability of brain to face up to larger quantities of cosmic everyday living pressure, or Bliss. Honing the roaming intellect initiates Resolute intellect standing. The apply unifies the mind colleges – 12 apostles — enabling pure consciousness reflect by the whole physiology.– to include the immune method.

‘Love just one another’ as a result is about converging recognition to place, when the psychological mechanisms swap to spiritual manner, ascent to bigger position — from animalistic to being cosmically orientated. Starting to be least therefore delivers about mental/religious harmonization, therefore realize: “he who is least among you all is the greatest”, it is how ‘New Commandment’ will come unto person consciousness authentially.

Youth consciousness at any age

The initially legislation of the universe is buy, therefore, by exposing the chaotic brain to cosmic harmony in meditation, ‘natural man’ karmic designs come to be built-in, de-potentialized regard upcoming adverse seed-fruit exercise.

In the meditative point out of ‘point’ or ‘least’ the immune program is also introduced to the stage of cosmic order — to immensity of toughness and knowledge — when it self-primes for quick protecting reaction from coronavirus and overseas antigens getting into the human body.

Consequently, with the central and peripheral nervous devices functioning optimally, illness-no cost cellular well being is established physiologically thereby preservation of youth consciousness when issue or -infused intellect expands the consciousness to withstand Perfection, thereby is the best possible health generated. So, meditation, which establishes new commandment, is the learn important unto perpetual love and youth-consciousness. Our mental position rooted in everlasting all-natural pleasure and health, at any age. health&id=10442461—Primordial-Audio-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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