Building Up the Immune System With Immutol

Our bodies were born with what is called an immune system. The immune system is to protect us from diseases, from a bug bite to cancerous cells. Knowing exactly what our immune system is and how it works can make us more aware of how we treat ourselves and how often we put our bodies in danger.

The immune system is to protect us from bacteria, parasites, toxins, microbes and anything else that would like to nest themselves in our body and feed off of us. The immune system is very impressive in detail. If you think about it, it is the only thing that keeps away all of the diseases. When a person dies, the system shuts down and all of the little organisms that were defeated earlier on will now infest the body until there is nothing left. This process generally takes a few weeks after a person dies.

Here are some startling facts about our bodies and what actually enters our system each and everyday! Each time you get a cut, small or large, hundreds of bacteria and other germs find their way into your system. What the immune does is wipe out the bacteria, which then allows the cut to close up and seal off the wound. In some cases the immune will not accurately fight off the bacteria. These are times you might have had a cut infected and it fills with pus. Although the cut is definitely infected, the pus is a result of your immune system fighting off the bacteria it missed the first time in defending the cut.
Now we just explained an example of how you can actually watch and see the immune system working. Now it is time to talk about the inside of our bodies. We have no choice but to breathe the air around us. The air we breathe is certainly never free from bacteria and we do inhale all the germs around us.

The immune system is supposed to stop the germs and if it does not, then that is when you may get the Flu or any other related sickness. If your co-worker is sick; sneezing and coughing, you will at some point inhale what he/she is releasing. If you have a strong immune system, you will most likely not get a cold or illness. When you do eventually get over the cold or the Flu, it is a clear sign that your immune is working.

Thee can get bacteria into our system besides breathing in the air around us. The sickening fact is we eat hundreds of bacteria a day within our food. When our immune system is fully functional, it will fight off the bacteria that do not die in our saliva or the acids in our stomach. On the rare occasion the immune system does not work, food poisoning may occur such as diarrhea and vomiting. When that happens, the immune is reacting on its second response.

Antibodies are produced by white blood cells in which are related to fighting off certain toxins or bacteria. Each set of antibodies represents a different type of disease to fight. What this process does is eliminates the chemical threat of the toxin. What makes us ill is when the virus is able to crawl through our bodies, cell by cell. Antibodies can cling on the outer most part of bacteria, stopping it in its place and neutralizing it.

Unfortunately the immune system is not always fast enough to rid the bacteria before it causes too much damage. Most people who feel ill will give their body a chance to fight it off. When the white blood cells fail to produce antibodies promptly, we can take an antibiotic.

Antibiotics work on fighting bacterial infections. Antibiotics are a mix of chemicals that stabilize and then kill off infectious bacteria that is causing the illness.

Time and time again you have heard people saying to always finish a dose of antibiotics. When you take antibiotics, your body is fighting the illness and you feel better. But that does not always mean that it is gone. The importance of finishing the prescribed medication is that our antibodies are not working well enough, so wee need to have antibiotics to finish fighting the bacteria off.

Building up the immune system with Immutol, an immune booster, is essential for staying healthy and living longer. The higher your immune system is the greater chance you will have of fighting off illnesses and bacteria. People are looking to alternative health supplements to get the edge. There are some great immune boosting products available that actually do work. A good immune system supplement will aid in the process of white blood cells, which carries the antibodies to fight off bacteria.

It is never too late to defend your body from relentless invaders. Each day bacteria is fighting just as hard to get into our bodies as we are to keeping them out. If you are serious about living longer and healthier, start by building up your immune system with some excellent supplements!