Candida Diet and Corn – Is There Any Corn We Can Have As Candida Sufferers?

This time I will put a topic about corn’s effect on Candida diet. It is basically based on a question from a friend. He knows that tinned sweet corn is not good, but he wonders if there is anything he can has with corn things.

Here are some things to consider about corn. First, corn flakes rank sky high on the Glycemic Index, meaning your body converts them to sugar faster than it converts table sugar into sugar (for example: glucose). According to the author of “The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook”, corn is a no-no just because it’s difficult to digest. Also, the blood type diet rules out corn for almost everybody.

On the other hand, the macrobiotic diet reveres fresh corn as an energy booster, because it’s brightly colored and grows in an “uplifting” way. The Ayurvedic Candida diet does not restrict corn, but there’s an emphasis that folks with poor digestion ought not to eat too much of it, or to eat it with things that boost digestion. Cornmeal can be especially drying, and if you’re striving for regularity, you want something lubricating. So, Ayurvedic medicine would have you pile ghee on your cornbread, for instance. Bernard Jensen says everyone should have cornmeal mush for breakfast twice a week, because the magnesium content of cornmeal is so high, and magnesium of course is good for the bowels. And my doctor’s anti-Candida diet restricts all grains except corn, rice, quinoa, and millet. Amaranth is allowed but that’s technically a seed.

I have never seen fresh organic corn in any health food store or even at Fresh Fields, so I assume that most of what I see comes from GMO crops. I still eat it on occasion though, and it doesn’t provoke any bad reaction in me. I haven’t had cornmeal mush for breakfast yet because it strikes me as a little depressing, a little heartburn-inducing. I will let you know if I have tried it.