Cheap Rice Cooker – Buy an Aroma ARC-838TC

Eating rice is increasing in popularity all the time. There are many different rice cookers being sold all over the U.S. and Canada today. The more expensive machines are typically Japanese devices made by companies such as Zojirushi, Tiger and Sanyo. However not everyone needs a machine with so many features. Therefore for many people, a cheaper rice cooker such as the Aroma ARC-838TC is perfect for their needs.

This machine is an 8 cup rice cooker. It is large enough for most people’s requirements. But how come this machine can be found for such a low price compared to many of the Japanese made versions. There are a few different reasons for this. Firstly, if you buy an Aroma ARC-838TC you get a machine that has far fewer settings regarding different sorts of rice that it can cook. This is not to say that you cannot make brown rice in this machine, however it is likely to be much harder. This rice steamer is designed simply for making plain white rice. But not only that, you are able to steam vegetables too and also make hot pot style dishes. It is a fairly versatile kitchen appliance. Secondly, the internal components of the Aroma device vary from their Japanese counterparts. The Japanese demand the highest quality rice and can taste slight differences depending upon how their rice was cooked. But for people who are not so fussy there is less need to spend over $200 on a rice cooking appliance when you can find one for well under $50 that does a reasonable job.

Depending upon how often you plan on using your machine determines how much it would be wise to spend. If you only think that you might use it once a week or so then it may well be a waste of money to buy something more expensive than the Aroma ARC-838TC.