Decorative Flower-Growing Regions of the World

Isn’t it wonderful to answer a knock at the door and be presented with a beautiful flower arrangement? It’s also wonderful to be invited to an event where the floral design includes fresh cut flowers? But have you ever wondered where the various flowers came from? The flowers that make up a florist’s wide selection come from all over the world. Different climates are favorable to producing their own unique varieties. While some flowers are grown successfully outside their countries of origin, it is often better to buy the exported products to ensure quality.

Where are Decorative Flowers Grown?
Cut flowers are grown in more than 50 different countries around the world. Some of the most popular countries that are part of the international flower market are the Netherlands, South America, Israel, Africa, Thailand, India, Australia and New Zealand. Asia nations are the largest producer world-wide of cut flowers.

The United States imports more than 80 percent of all of its flowers, and most of those come from Colombia in South America. To lower the costs of buying imported flowers from Colombia, the United States and Colombia entered into a free trade agreement. Reasons for the growing South American cut flower exports are the lower labor costs, higher altitudes, lower land costs and the proximity to the North American market. Ecuador, also in South America, is well-known for its beautiful roses. The high altitude of Ecuador encourages the growth of these large headed roses.

How are Imported Flowers Used?
Imported flowers’ bright colors and longevity enhance the elegance of any arrangement, whether it is a bouquet, a centerpiece or any other decorative placing. By purchasing cut flowers that have been grown throughout the world, florists save money which can be passed on to the consumer. It also allows for flowers that are grown in the United States but may not be available because of shortages, weather damage or because they are out of season.

Whether you wish to add tulips from Holland, roses from Ecuador or orchids from Malaysia, you will find that choosing from world-wide markets allows you a variety of choices within reasonable price ranges. By taking advantage of the cut flowers available throughout the world, florists from all over can create an environment of elegance that will impress your guests. There are few things that can bring the d├ęcor of an event together like gorgeous flowers.