Defending Against Coronavirus: Importance of Thymus Gland Stimulation

Lots of are acquainted, I’m absolutely sure, with the phrase ‘happiness is an within job’, while lots of extra with ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’. Two sentences originating hundreds of years apart with both of those expressing profound eternal fact.

The expression ‘within’, of system, is directional, in that, regardless of what we’re really looking for in everyday living, be it health, healing, contentment, Immunity or prosperity, will come from inside of [consciousness].

So, wherever inside is ‘heaven’: the place is this divine point out which exudes well being, joy and immunity, and how pretty much is it harvested into every day life?

There is a apply system for this pretty function involved at the stop of this report.

The reasoning guiding numerous ‘within’ sayings, which include scriptures, is to induce the endocrine technique, particularly the thymus gland designed — by the Creator — especially for defeating viral problems these types of as coronavirus.

When the consciousness will become fused with thymus outpourings, the experience will be anything, and additional, we each individual instinctively search for in lifestyle.

Thymus will come from Greek ‘Thymos’ referring to lifestyle power it really is also referred to as the 2nd heart, and biblically: Sacred Coronary heart or, Sacred Thymus.

Identified also as the joy centre, the thymus encourages balanced ageing and longevity.

But, apparently, a thing which nearly absolutely will go unobserved from a stimulated thymus, is the release of the miracalous antiviral proteins, the experienced white blood cells regarded as T cells, the antibodies or T lymphocytes dependable for defending towards international antigens entering the human body.

Antiviral proteins are the immune system’s dedicated warriors developed specifically and selectively for defeating viruses. Identified as interferons, antiviral proteins are effective inhibitors at stopping enhancement of virus in the cells, when the thymus will work like an incubator in establishing mature antibodies.

White blood cells originate from bone marrow which vacation via the bloodstream to the thymus gland from where by these immature cells come to be experienced cells – qualified defenders from viruses.

The thymus is a key organ of the immune technique and is located guiding the 3rd rib, behind the sternum or breastbone in the higher chest just under the throat.

Like coaching, the thymus ‘trains’ white blood cells acknowledged as T cells to realize foreign mobile invaders moving into the system. T cells are vital to the adaptive immune technique, the place the human body ‘adapts’ to overseas mobile incursions. In essence, the thymus is the brain of the immune method, although the immune method by itself is regarded as a ‘floating brain’.

Maintaining the thymus working optimally demands particular diligence to what weakens the immune system, these kinds of as extra worry, be concerned and the myriad of wellness-destroying addictive substances, but, also, emotively charged mistaken imagining. Extra on this even more on.

So, when the condition of Heaven resides within just, transcendentally, COVID-defeating is accessed via thymus stimulation.

By launch of anti-viral proteins, designed just for the job, the immune program in a natural way defends the physique-organism from viral attack, as a make any difference of system.

Thymus move variations everything

The constitution of Divine Love is ‘transformation via purification’. In other words, each soul by which Divine Normal passes gets remodeled into its nature. In the context of defeating COVID, hence, making a Bliss vibration in the thymus is important, it is wellbeing transformational.

The surest way of remaining ‘in divine vibration’, of alignment in ‘health consciousness’, is for consciousness to be established in thymus love outflow normally — proven in vibrational greater coronary heart chakra consciousness.

To facilitate thymus like expression in just the physiology, the psychological mechanisms need acclimatization into withstanding vibrational bliss through the system technique at the finish of this article.

The system, when common to a lot of as the sacred sound mantra, is an historic practice: a concentrated interior chant which generates a bliss vibration in the thymus which then expands to empower the whole thoughts/physiology. A cosmic resonance that will depart us seeking to be ‘within’ its frequency range, permanently, especially during COVID.

Planning for bliss harvesting

So, allow us look now at how we may well be contributing to our possess bliss and immunity remaining ‘blocked’.

Identical to oil residing deep beneath the ocean mattress, our have bliss likely lies deep inside consciousness as pure immutable silence – silence awaiting consciousness make contact with. But, as we know, oil in ‘crude’ format has minimal sensible price to the householder, but, when refined appropriately, its likely gets to be enormous — its positive use improvements every thing in our sensible planet.

Similarly, for pure silence to exude maximally inside, a refining method is desired — a purification of the mental mechanisms via which consciousness flows. This refinement is carried out by vibrational Silence and not lower-ego persona, therefore marking graduation of higher heart states of consciousness through the complete psychological-physical organism.

Using rocket-launch parlance, purified consciousness represents ‘ignition sequence’: when our soul’s religious really like-power ignites: when Bliss propels head/consciousness cosmically via the gravitational subject of mortality, limitation, worry and resistance to existence-move — including via COVID drag and its related degrees of consciousness.

Set in context, the mental gravitational field by which we’re propelling thoughts day by day establishes mental and physical properly-getting, establishes improvement common of immune consciousness — pure or impure, harmful or nontoxic, overall health or ill-overall health.

The expressional variation between ‘levels of consciousness’ is absolutely very important in defence towards COVID and overall actual physical/religious well-staying.

In this context, the 3 Chakra amounts down below the thymus, under better heart fourth chakra, stand for lessen to most affordable levels of vibrational consciousness, concentrations as a result of which a spiritually asleep soul vibrates.

The significance consequently, of awakening the fourth chakra and thymus gland, becomes noticeable. The shift in consciousness is entirely life-transforming in that it signifies access unto larger ranges of immunity consciousness — biblically phrased: ‘Jesus entered into Jerusalem on a donkey’ — symbolism for you/me moving into the better coronary heart chakra by way of silence meditation (symbolized by the donkey).

What specially is purified?

Considering their huge impact, have we ever pondered how the mental processes work?

So, in straightforward conditions: the mindful brain ‘thinks’ even though the intellect ‘decides’.

So, prior to refinement of the three reduced chakras mentioned previously, the contemplating thoughts and intellect are established at carnal mind stage: no capability of considering / discerning spiritually thus the biblical term ‘fall of man’ interprets ‘fall of brain/intellect’ into the mire of delusion or non secular ignorance – realm of the a few chakras underneath better coronary heart (fourth) chakra.

This ‘fall’ — of intellect/intellect — of program is no fault on our aspect as these kinds of, it is really by structure. If it had been not so, there could be no acutely aware Resurrection [of consciousness] no acutely aware Ascension unto bigger states of coronary heart/thymus consciousness.

So, breaking it down: The human body/thoughts/intellect/senses are each individual at first born into the three decrease chakra amounts recognised as ‘sin’ – ‘sin’ meaning: missing the religious mark. ‘Sin’ or, spiritual ignorance, is present so that we might transcend or escape its gravity pull on the brain-senses – propelled by Bliss — thereby freeing (purifying) these schools from computerized adherence to ‘sin’, and associated levels of consciousness.

So, prior to purification, the psychological schools are at ‘slave standard’ to reduce chakra regurgitations until finally the attracting ‘sin’ dynamic is neutralized, which, pretty much talking, simply will involve ‘keeping off the worn grass-strains — the psychological assumed tracks — till healed over as a result of vibrational silence meditation.

So, the query beckons — what amount(s) of consciousness are we wondering and discerning by: the 3 reduce chakras or the bigger vibrational chakras?

The response is pivotal, significantly regards COVID-defeating and optimum release of mature antibodies: the antiviral proteins from the miraculous thymus gland.

Finally, to emphasise, that, whilst vibrational bliss silence ‘pulses’ in the thymus chakra, it is brought on in the base [of spine] chakra by the vibrational AUM seem reaching this area. The AUM vibration originally travels downwards to the foundation chakra, but then, on contact with foundation chakra, rises upwards to the thymus coronary heart chakra, awakening the three lower chakras together the way. On passing by way of the thymus, the vibration carries on journeying upwards to the brain where by it awakens the three gland chakras previously mentioned the coronary heart chakra – thyroid, pineal and pituitary, representing comprehensive endocrine awakening thus highest COVID protection.

Practise for Sacred Audio Vibration

Sit with palms facing upwards on knees.

Start outer hearing the sacred mantra AUM via frivolously touching lips for about two minutes – truly feel the lips vibrate.

Right after two minutes, cease outer hearing and go on silently interior listening to A-U-M vibration in the centre of the mind involving the eyebrows.

The subtler this interior listening to, the deeper the thymus bliss resonance.

15-20 minutes 2 times daily is excellent. Blessings. kingdom/s?k=The+Complete+Secret+by+Raymond+Phelan&ref=nb_sb_noss—Crucial-to-Defeating-Coronavirus-Normally&id=10462129