Flowers of Barbados

Barbados is an island country located in the Lesser Antilles. Flowers of various shapes and colors can be found in Barbados. They add to the Island’s beauty when in bloom. These flowers not only grow in the soil but also in ponds and waters. Some of the flowers of Barbados are mentioned below.

Pride of Barbados

This is the country’s national flower and can be found on the country’s Coat of Arms. It has several other names including Barbados flower fence, peacock flower and Mexican birds of Paradise. The flower has five petals and is shaped like a cauliflower. It is commonly orange-yellow in color with a red center. However, the flower comes in flamingo-pink color as well. It was discovered in 1657 on the Island. The flower is native to Central America, northwestern South America and the Caribbean.


This is said to be one of the most attractive tropical flowers. There are various varieties of begonia. Moreover, the flower comes in several different shapes, sizes and colors. Two popular varieties of begonia in Barbados are the white cane-stem and the pink hardy begonia. The flower is commonly sugary-pink or white in color. It can be found at the base of trees in Barbados.

Blue Lotus

This is a light blue flower with large leaves floating in water. It is small in size and has delicate narrow petals. It is said to be one of the most beautiful tropical water-lilies.


It is quite popular throughout Barbados and the Caribbean. It is also commonly used in tropical flower bouquets. The flower has gotten its name due to its petals, which look like lobster claws. It is exported by Barbados to several countries as the flower is quite famous worldwide.


This is a highly appreciated and popular flower across the Caribbean. It can be found growing all over the Island of Barbados. The flower comes in different types and colors. Over the years, many new shades and styles have been cultivated. The flower is not quite long lasting as it blooms for only one day. However, the flower blooms all year round. Thus, several blooms can be found on each shrub every day.


The flower is often found in tropical gardens. The most common variety of this flower is red in color and is used as hedges around gardens. The flower lasts for a long time and looks quite attractive in floral arrangements and bouquets.