Fried Rice And Other Nigerian Rice Recipes

Fried rice in Nigeria is one of the most popular rice recipes, it is effortless to make and typically accepted by the men and women of Nigeria. If you are new to Nigerian foods and wanting for uncomplicated Nigerian recipes you may want to start off with our distinctive rice recipes, some of them are incredibly effortless to make as defined beneath.

I am going to chat about the various recipes of rice eaten in Nigerian and then give a thorough facts on making Nigerian fried rice. I like fried rice and we created it for Xmas

I consider myself as 1 of the greatest when it arrives to making Nigerian meals, I invested half of my adolescent lifetime in the kitchen as a prepare dinner each for my family members and our area cafe. Through this time I have acquired to make just about all Nigerian meals, both the normally approved food items and the ones eaten by the Nigerian minority tribes.

My story is undoubtedly not the subject matter of the working day, just to give you a very little info about my skills in the Nigerian Kitchen area

Around the last five to ten a long time I have effectively realized to make near to 5 distinctive recipes of rice with jollof rice currently being the most conversant. I also have Ofada rice on my list, neighborhood jollof rice, tomato rice, we also boil white rice and serve with any of the quite a few stew recipes in Nigeria.

There are so a lot about Nigeria foods that would not be described on this web site, we have over a hundred distinctive kinds of Nigerian recipes and this is just about making Nigerian fried rice which is possibly the most acceptable recipe in Nigeria.

Right here is how to make Fried rice and hen in Nigeria, the specific way I designed it for Xmas.

The components under would provide 5 to 7 folks, you can raise or minimize the components based on the variety of people today you are searching to serve.

3 cups of rice
Hen wings (2kg)
Curry powder (for coloring)
Vegetable/groundnut oil (15cl)
3 medium sized carrot
2 cups chopped environmentally friendly beans
1 medium sized cabbage
50 % cup of peas (optional)
Maggi cubes (all-natural sweetener)
Thyme (spice) 1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper to flavor

The precise cooking of fried rice normally takes about ten to fifteen minutes what eats up the bulk of the time is the planning of the ingredient, I like to use as many fingers as achievable each time I am building fried rice for my relatives.

Stage 1
Parboil the rice with just h2o for about five minutes, wash with clear h2o and set apart in a bowl or plastic bowl. Also parboil the meat with all the important components, I like to use just a bulb of onions, one dice of maggi, salt and thyme.

Parboil the meat for 5 to 10 minutes but you should not allow the water to dry it is required for the true cooking. You can deep fry or smoke the chicken following parboiling, that ends the chicken planning, it is to be served with the cooked fried rice.

Stage 2
Chop the cabbage, carrot, onions, environmentally friendly bean on independent bowls. Boil the rice with just drinking water right until it is about 80% accomplished.

Below is the genuine cooking of fried rice, the relaxation has been the planning approach.

Action 3
Established your cooking pot on the burner, let to dry in advance of adding the groundnut oil. Heat for about a minute then include the onions, stir the onions for about a minute and incorporate Green beans, carrot, cabbage and the curry powder after a person minute interval for each and every. The curry ought to be the final, it is intended to transform the color of the food items to rather yellowish.

Include the drinking water from the meat (the remaining about juice after parboiling the meat), salt and pepper to taste, include a cube of maggi or two (relying on taste), stir all collectively right before incorporating the cooked rice. Remember you ended up supposed to cook the rice until it is about 80% done.

Insert the rice and go over to cook dinner for the upcoming five minutes.

You just produced a incredibly delicious pot of fried rice, you can go forward and serve with the fried rooster wings.