Get Rid of Herpes? Yes You Can

Herpes is a disease that is easily treated if you know how. I know many of you are struggling to find an answer to this disease. But, guess what? This is not a disease but an immune system problem. Your immunity could not handle herpes when you became exposed which caused you to get your first outbreak. You can build up your immune system so that it can fight herpes for you.

Many People Have This Virus

This germ is rampant in our society. It is estimated that one-third of all people have some form of herpes. This is because all those who have herpes have a poor functioning immune system. I truly believe that viruses exist to strengthen our immunity. Every time we are exposed to a virus, the virus triggers a cascade of immune responses in our body. After seven days of exposure to viruses, our body has created antibodies against it. It is those antibodies that show up on the test that shows you have herpes. And those antibodies attack the virus and let your body know to attach to the viral infected cells letting your immune system know to kill those cells thereby killing the virus.

Therefore You Need A Healthy Immune System

In order to build your immunity to fight herpes, you need many different things to help you. There are foods, herbs, supplements, probiotics, and home treatments that all work together to build up your immunity. If you are eating the wrong foods, then you will actually be feeding the virus and sabotaging your immune system. By eating the right foods then you can actually help suppress herpes and build up your immunity. There have been so many studies in the last 2 decades documenting the antiviral actions of many different herbs. Herbs differ from drugs in that they actually have many different compounds instead of one, that work together to fight the virus from many different angles. These herbs actually suppress the herpes virus from multiplying itself giving you body a chance to fight and kill herpes. And supplements to boost your immunity and fight the virus. Your body can rid itself of herpes if given the support it needs, and building your body’s own immunity.