How Much Should a 9 Month Old Baby Sleep?

Now that my little one is 9 months old I did some research to see if she was in the norm for her age and her sleep patterns.

Typically we put her to bed at around nine o’clock everynight and she typically will sleep till 9 the next morning if we don’t wake her. Since me and my wife work through the week we wake her up around seven in the morning. So, a typical evening sleep routine is 10 hours.

Her naps are a little different and depends a lot on her mood, appetite, and surroundings. In an ideal setting she’ll have two to three naps a day averaging about an hour to an hour and a half a piece. There are some days that she sleeps longer and others where she gets in little power naps.

With knowing her pattern I did some research and found that the typical 9-12 month old should be sleeping anywhere between 10-14 hours at night. Also, they should be having at least 2 naps a day averaging an hour or more. The biggest hurdle that most parents have (especially those who breast feed) is night time feedings. There are some techniques that one can use to help wean your little one off of the bottle or breast at night. I’ll cover these in a future article.

Also, from personal experience you have to balance keeping a calm atmosphere that is conducive to your baby sleeping and not putting too large a damper on your daily activities. When she was a newborn we always walked on egg shells around the house. It made for some very painful naps when the slightest noise happened. At the guidance of my wife we made the commitment to slowly re-conform to our older day time habits while getting her to sleep. At first we had to do the ‘no-no’ things like letting her sleep on us or using a bottle to put her to sleep. As we weaned her off these things she’s grown into a pretty heavy sleeper. A perfect case in point happened in september. We took her to the county fair and she slept through the whole demolition derby! So don’t let anyone tell you that your baby has to sleep in perfect silence!

I hope you found this helpful. If you wish for me to elaborate on anything by all means let me know!