Mineral Collecting in Maine (Edgecomb Mine)

This mine is not much to look at, but it is a big mine. Living on the coast of Maine also does not leave too many options for mineral collectors. Most of the major mines, with the exception of the Callahan mine are found in North Western Maine. This mine is located in the town of Edgecomb in the County of Lincoln, Maine. This mine has not been worked for a long time. There are two open pits that I have found, both of which are filled with water. The first quarry is smaller than the second, but it is still quite large. Talise piles can be found around this quarry and along either side of the road. A dirt road runs along the quarries and then the trail turns into four wheel trails. The second and older quarry is back in the woods a ways. Talise piles are scattered all around this quarry. Judging from their size and depth I would say they removed a lot of material from this second pit. I believe this mine was originally in operation for its muscovite mica. I really did not find too many fantastic specamines from this mine. I only came away with some samples of smokey quartz, muscovite mica, and some orthoclase feldspar. Minerals that can be found here are almandine garnet, beryl, biotite, muscovite, microcline, milky quartz and smokey quartz. I did find some samples of almandine garnet, but they were small crystals. Unfortunately I was unable to find any beryl. I did find examples of all of the other minerals that can be found here. Here are the directions to locating the mine:

Driving from the junction of route 1 with route 27 in Edgecomb, drive south on route 27 for 3.10 miles. Take sharp left turn onto Old County road and drive 0.75 mile to where driveways turn left and right. From this point, continue straight ahead for another 0.30 mile on woods road, driving carefully over the rough parts. This is a dirt road. Turn right into parking area for C.O. Schmid Preserve, at entrance to side road, and park on left side of this road. (avoid private property on right side) Walk south on woods road for about 900 feet to clearing on knoll. Quarry pits and dumps are in woods on south side of clearing. (Maine Mineral Localities 3rd EDT. by W.B Thompson, D.L. Joyner, R.G. Woodman, V.T. King)

Make sure to ware a heavy duty pair of boots, preferably water proof. There are some marshy areas on the way to the mine. I would also recommend that you bring some bug spray. The black flies and mosquitos are thick out there.You don’t have to be too concerned about sun screen, because the area is pretty heavily wooded. There was plenty of shade when I was there. A sifting screen will come in handy here since the talise piles have bot been worked in a long time. If you want to find anything then your best bet is to sift through the talise piles. I dug through the piles for a while and only found quartz, mica, and feldspar. I generally only visit this mine when the urge to go mineral hunting strikes me, but I don’t feel like traveling too far. I recommend visiting this mine only because you never know what you are going to find. Just because I had no luck it does not mean that you won’t.