Native Flowers of Bermuda

Bermuda is a British island territory located in North Atlantic Ocean. It is situated off the east coast of USA and is near North Carolina. The island has a subtropical climate and therefore, many flower species flourish there. The countryside of the Island is full of displays of flowers, which have distinctive beauty. There are some native flower varieties but most of the flowers growing in Bermuda are native to some other place and have been introduced on the island. Some of the native flowers of Bermuda are discussed in this article.

Blue-Eyed Grass

It is not actually grass but looks like grass with its narrow leaves. It is said to be the unofficial national flower of Bermuda. The flower is blue in color and has a yellow center. It is a member of the Iris family. The flower blooms from June to August. It opens only on bright sunny days and lasts for only one or two days

St. Andrew’s cross

It is native to Bermuda, South-eastern USA and the Bahamas. It is actually a shrub, which produces bright yellow flowers with four petals shaped like an ‘X’. The plant has gotten its name due to this shape of the flowers. In Bermuda, it used to be frequently found in marshes and on hillsides. It is quite rare now and only a few species have survived the wild. The plant is now being grown in gardens and used in landscapes.


Turnera is native to Bermuda and areas in tropical and subtropical America. The flower is yellow in color and has five petals. It belongs to the passion flower family. It grows wild in Bermuda but also makes a very good garden plant. The flower looks like those of wire weed but is bigger in size and darker in color.

Seaside Heliotrope

The flower is white in color and has a yellow center. It is shaped like bell and has five rounded lobes. It is native to places ranging from western North America to the Caribbean but has been introduced in other continents as well.

Darrell’s Fleabane

It belongs to the daisy family and so, the flower looks like a small daisy with a yellow center and white petals. Darrell’s fleabane is endemic to Bermuda. It grows in the coastal areas of Bermuda. It also flourishes in rocky areas like rock gardens.

White Stopper

It is actually a shrub native to Bermuda, Florida and West Indies. The flowers of the shrub bloom in summer and autumn. The flowers are small and white and look like the flowers of the Surinam Cherry.