Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients – How to Fight Cancer Without Drugs – Immunity to Cancer

One of the essentials in fighting cancer naturally is a strong immune system. Your body contains about 20 trillion cells that are responsible for fighting and getting rid of any toxins, yeast, bacteria and viruses that do not belong in your body. This includes cancer cells. When the immune system is functioning like it should, cancer can’t stay in your body.

Cells in the body multiply and divide billions of times every day and the process invariably produces some cells the body can’t use. These cells can turn into cancer which your immune system recognizes as trash and (if it’s healthy), gets rid of it.

According to Patrick and Noreen Quillin in “Beating Cancer With Nutrition” (2001), “The average adult gets 6 bouts of cancer in a lifetime, yet only 42% of Americans end up in a cancer hospital.” The other 58% have a strong immune system which gets rid of the defective cells before they have a chance to thrive.

One way to build your immunity is by eating a wholesome diet. As much as possible, avoid processed foods containing corn syrup, white sugar and flour and commercial dairy products such as ice cream and milk. Implement things in your diet such as such as raw or frozen fruits and vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Another way to increase the effectiveness of your immune cells is by decreasing your stress levels. Schedule regular times of relaxation and fun. When you sense yourself becoming overwhelmed with things to do, learn to say no.

A strong immune system is critical in the fight against cancer.