On Becoming a Rice Queen

In my forthcoming novel “The Rice Queen Spy” I fork out homage to a British Caucasian homosexual who used his total life acquiring sexual encounters only with Asian adult men. In essence “No Caucasians have to have apply” was his motto. A rice queen is a Caucasian or a black homosexual gentleman who is possibly partly or wholly devoted to Asian men. It is something of a slangy expression as is the expression potato queen which signifies an Asian male fond of white gentlemen.
I have even listened to Asian guys who have been partial to black men called sweet potato queens or yam queens. Don’t blame me. This is all aspect of the argot of gay existence. Homosexual terminology and slang have often been a energetic and speedily evolving aspect of the homosexual sub-lifestyle.

Up until finally the center of the nineteen eighties, prior to there was a national crackdown, rice queens have been likely to the Philippines in substantial figures. For pretty some a long time now Thailand has been the desired spot for rice queens. Sexual intercourse junkets to Thailand have been structured not only for gay males but for significant numbers of straight men who are immediately after female sex associates. Generally intercourse partners who are also youthful. Numerous homosexual Caucasians have moved completely to Thailand mainly because of the availability of sexual encounters with Thais.

After the 2nd Planet War Japan was a haven for rice queens. Then when the economic system improved markedly there was a slipping off of the availability of Japanese adult men for rice queens. Also in those people early publish-war decades there was nevertheless a wonderful reverence for the elderly that’s why so a lot of more mature Western gays felt so at residence there. The younger people’s compassionate frame of mind toward seniors grew to become rather of a casualty to the youth tradition, Westernization and now globalization.

That prospects to one particular summary. Quite a few gay guys grew to become or were being labeled rice queens for the reason that they went to Asian nations where the economies and poverty compelled some of the guys into the sex trade. The Caucasian gays went to those weak Asian nations around the world mainly because there was an availability and abundance of intercourse partners. Not all Caucasian-Asian homosexual intercourse is economical, but a substantial part of it is.

But for a rice queen, why an Asian gentleman? A lot of reasons are supplied: Asian adult men are a lot less furry, have smoother, silkier pores and skin many are smaller and fewer overwhelming and threatening than white gentlemen they are greater, additional accommodating enthusiasts they are normally keen to participate in a much less than dominant job, be far more subservient to their Caucasian partners ascetically they are additional attractive if they do ask for funds usually it is for food stuff buys and to help their households because they are so badly in need of economical guidance the homosexual Asian adult men often look a great deal youthful than they actually are you will find much less b.s. with Asian men, and on and on.

Some of it may possibly be rationalization. Sex and sexual determination is a usually a labyrinth and a maze of contradictions and obfuscations. It frequently boils down to a simple “It feels fantastic to me.”

In my most latest novel, “The Daemon in Our Goals,” I dealt with the rice queen phenomenon, but in a somewhat tangential manner, and in my initially novel, the terrorist thriller “9 Life Also Quite a few,” I dealt with it not at all. Nevertheless in “The Rice Queen Spy” it is, in a lot of ways, the central theme of the reserve. It is what tends to make the hero tick, the motivating drive in his daily life. If you go through the ebook, you’ll see the truth to the assertion: there would be no Philip Croft (the hero) were being it not for his rice queen persona. (For a full dialogue of my novels, please go to my site at http://www.senneffhouse.com.)

The full-blooded rice queen will make no apologies for becoming a rice queen on the opposite he is happy of it and boasts about it. Lifelong loving interactions have been shaped amongst homosexual Caucasian and Asian adult males.

Usually what the rice queen encounters in Asia is the young person who is masquerading as gay for economic causes. Just one homosexual stripper club in Bangkok had around thirty straight adult males who had been entertaining and dating gay shoppers. Their work opportunities associated a terrific offer of acting and purpose enjoying. There is even an casual faculty for hustlers to study what to say and how to act and accomplish. 1 factor they learn to do is to roll their tummies in what some people assume is a provocative manner.
The rice queen usually may want to type out the hustlers from people guys who are genuinely homosexual. The percentage or ratio of gays in the populations of Western nations and Asian nations is in all probability just about the same.

From the nineteen eighties on in some of the Asian nations wherever there was a excellent deal of commercial intercourse and the commingling of Westerners with the indigenous inhabitants there has been a significant epidemic of HIV/AIDS. The distribute of the condition has been acute between homosexual hustlers and their families. This consequence of sexual action was fully sudden and devastating.

Given that the very first rice queen spotted his to start with love object, this syndrome has been expanding and attractive outsiders with inquiries as to the meaning of it all. The explanation is definitely basic. It is the want and need for a person human remaining to discover like, compassion, friendship, kinship and sexual gratification from another human getting. Really like makes the planet go round, and, in the conclusion really like will conquer all. The actual rice queen is a lover, plain and straightforward.