Pure-Clay Rice Cooker for Delectable and Healthful Rice

Though building rice, maintain these couple of straightforward guidelines in thoughts to make guaranteed it turns out healthy and mouth watering just about every time! Not only do you want it to be soft and fluffy, but also cooked evenly and with its amazing & considerably-required advanced and basic carbs, vitamins and minerals intact.

How can you prepare dinner rice that’s this excellent?

You have correctly picked out not-extremely processed, non-enriched and unbleached rice. But when cooked in standard cookware designed from metal or ceramic, they develop into unhealthy in much more than a person way:

To start with, metals are reactive to meals, they break into ions at cooking temperature and respond with food stuff whilst heat functions as a catalyst. These metal ions — toxins from food stuff accumulate in organs and blood to trigger severe health problems more than time. The chemical substances in ceramic, glaze and enamel leach contaminants into foods in a comparable way.

Secondly, the grains like rice are manufactured of very simple carbs, sophisticated carbs, vitamins, and minerals. The much more powerful the nutrition, the more sensitive they are. The warmth radiating from metallic/ceramic pots is severe and harming to the sensitive nutrition in food stuff. So, the sophisticated carbs, natural vitamins, and minerals are ruined in the method.

When the overall body is furnished a nutritionally depleted food plan with an surplus of basic carbs, it qualified prospects to the mismanagement of insulin hormone major to diabetic issues. No wonder so many men and women are suffering from it!

And finally, distribution of heat is uneven in metallic pots. The temperature is substantial at the base, so the rice wants to be stirred consistently. These items make rice cooking inconvenient and harmful.

Introducing the fantastic Rice Cooker:

Pure-clay pots are a blessing for rice cooking. They are 100% non-toxic. As pure-clay is in a natural way inert and its makers don’t use any chemical compounds or glaze when earning them, they radiate a exceptional considerably-infrared warmth that penetrates deep into the grains and cooks them evenly just at medium warmth.

Also, an supplemental wonderful element of cooking in these pots made from this kind of a all-natural uncooked content is that there is no require to include oil or other fat to get grains to separate or make them fluffy or tastier, just prepare dinner them in pure-clay and the pot takes care of the relaxation! It’s unglazed, microscopically porous walls allow excess moisture evaporate at the time the rice is cooked, separating the grains in a natural way.

I was on the lookout for some thing non-poisonous to cook dinner my grains in when I arrived across these clay pots on the net. Now I cook dinner All the things in it! Soups, grains, meat, and veggies. Every thing turns out excellent tasting and properly performed. Wish I experienced been utilizing them for a long time. Will be ordering additional!“, says Stephanie – a healthy cooking fanatic.

All these motives make MEC’s pure-clay™ pots the great rice cooker for creating healthier and scrumptious rice.