Pure Drinking Mineral Water

When buying water, it can save you hundreds every year investing in a pure drinking mineral water system. These systems remove impurities from the water, then add something “better” according to them, replacing minerals that are beneficial to you. The debate still rages on the benefits of mineral water for health, and there has been no conclusive proof of any benefits at all. When opposed to drinking sugared drinks, or alcoholic beverages, mineral is better for you, of course. This is more due to not drinking the other things instead of because of drinking mineral water. The biggest defenders of the health issues in mineral water are the mineral bottling and marketing companies. Doing your own research will better enable you to make an educated decision as to what, if any, benefits there will be for you and your family. Some who drink it regularly claim to feel better and stronger, but this can be a plecebo effect, the mind making the body believe in the benefits.

Until the research shows otherwise, there is no case for the benefits. There are more harmful things than beneficial in some water supplies. The removal of everything in the water will do more good than not cleaning it in favor of keeping the minerals. These minerals are only present in trace amounts, and we get enough from the foods we eat and supplements we can take. If you want the benefits of pure drinking mineral, by all means invest in a system that will provide this for your entire house.