Review of Rutozym

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One of the reasons for this is misinformation. Many women feel they are safe from heart disease, but did you know women are more likely to suffer a stroke after menopause than men? Also, women are more likely to die as a result of a stroke.

If you are concerned about these statistics, you might want to learn more about Rutozym. It was developed by Dr. Karl Ransberger after a trip to Japan to study the relationship between nattokinase, an enzyme found in a fermented soy cheese commonly consumed in Japan and heart disease. He added several other enzymes to the nattokinase that help normalize inflammation, improve blood flow, improve the condition of existing blood vessels, and improve the general health of the patient.

Your body needs enzymes because they allow every chemical reaction in your body to occur, but as you age, the supply of enzymes in your body decreases. Diminishing enzymes can result in decreased healing, increased inflammation, increased heart disease, and increased susceptibility to disease, illness, and infection. Rutozym stops aging by supplying your body with new enzymes, allowing your body to continue to function as it once had.

Some of the ingredients of Rutozym include:

· Proteolic enzymes, which have been discovered to support heart health and improve your body’s ability to heal.
· White willow bark which has been recognized for centuries as “nature’s aspirin”.
· Rutin improves and strengthens capillaries and other connective tissues.
· Bromelain, which is derived from pineapple, and papain, which is derived from papayas are both ingredients in Rutozym. These enzymes support your body’s ability to respond quickly to inflammation.

Rutozym is a great alternative to aspirin. Your doctor may have prescribed a daily regimen of aspirin to you in order to prevent heart disease. However, aspirin can be very harsh on your body. This supplement has no bad or strong side effects. Also, it will not cause the same damage to your gastrointestinal system as aspirin. Remember, before you start taking any supplement, you should consult your doctor.

All the research about this supplement shows that it has been proven to prevent heart disease and other medical conditions. Once you start taking this product, you will notice that you feel better. Your doctor will also notice the improvements when you go in for your next check up.