Sheepskins Calm Colic Baby

Suffering from colic babies

Around the world more than 30% of the babies are colic. Most parents have suffered from colic crying of the baby as much as the babies. When a baby is colicky, the entire household and the life of the family is disturbed. For moms, a colicky baby just adds on more responsibilities, since caring for them seem to engulf almost all her waking hours.

When does colic appear?

Colic occurs in infants when they are about 1 to 3 months old. The thing to remember is that colic will go way eventually. It usually takes about a week to disappear. The causes of colic are not certain. However babies are getting used to the outside environment and their sensitive systems are adjusting.

The signs for a colicky baby are

Incessant crying, which comes in a pattern. They just wail their heat out

  1. Stiffening of the stomach muscles. The stomach becomes really hard
  2. There may be gas or rumble in the stomach.
  3. Usually occurs during the same time every day.

Sheepskins help in soothing colicky babies

Moms and dads should hold the baby close to them while at the same time cuddling and rocking them. Wrap them in a sheepskin while you are holding them close. Sheepskins are warm and tender. The warmth and the tenderness provided by the sheepskin will help the baby feel secure and lessen the crying.

Regulating temperature

Sheepskins also regulate the temperature. They can also be used as great padding and underlay for the baby. They provide a soft cushion for the baby and pull out the moisture. In this way the baby is safe and dry. While lying on the sheepskin, you can even massage the tummy of the baby, providing some relief from colic.

Remember that small things help the baby to feel secure and wanted. Secure babies are less colicky and colic also goes away faster. Moreover many sheepskins are also machine washable, making it easy to use and keep. In this way mothers and caregivers can use sheepskins for providing comfort to their babies.