The Correct Way to Use Honey and Lemon to Cure Cough

Browse the internet for remedies to treat cough and you will find tens of them from all the world countries use Lemon or Orange , and a fewer number uses honey with or without Lemon.

Unfortunately, they use them the wrong way that made people prefer to use supplementary vitamin C for more convenience and with comparable results. Almost all people CUT the lemon and squeeze it to get its juice, yet cutting the Lemon peel may release enzymes recently found in the rind of many fruits, and these enzymes may change some costituints of the Lemon juice.

For hundreds of years, the best way to use Lemon to cure cough was to boil the INTACT Lemon in water before squeezing it, and no body knew why. In view of the recent findings, the cause may be that boiling the lemon kills enzymes present in its rind ( enzyme denaturation).

The procedure to prepare the best natural cure of cough is as follows:

1- Fill a can with water and put a middle or big sized Lemon.

2- Leave the can to boil for about 10-15 minutes till it bocomes soft but intact.

3- Take the Lemon and squeeze it to extract its juice.

4- Clear the juice or filter it.

5- Add the juice to 1/2 cup of honey ( or about 60 ml).

Some people – including me- add 30 ml ( 2 tablespoonful ) glycerin to the Lemon juice before adding honey.

Take 1 tablespoonful 3 times a day.

This is the best known natural cure of cough of people of any age through all times. Prepare for the fall and winter the right and easy way.