Tips For Finding the Right Car Seat

Selecting a car seat for the safety of your child is an important matter. Before you decide on one, you must first consider the age, weight, and size of your child. In this article you will find tips for finding the right car seat for your child.

Rear Facing or Combo?

You can now find car seats that can be installed as rear-facing for an infant and converted to front facing after they turn one year old and reach 20 pounds. Typically, these are bigger than the non-combo versions and they tend to sit more in the upright position. This position can be awkward with a tiny infant. The infant-only sets are better when you want to be able to remove the seat and carry the baby out of the car, perhaps to avoid interrupting a nap. The infant car seats snap into a base and allow you to remove the carrier. They offer better support for tiny heads and necks.

5 Point Harness

Children over 1 year old should ride in a front facing 5 point harness car seat. Look for a seat that is easy to install in your vehicle and easy to fasten around your child. The Regent is the tallest, highest harnessing weight seat on the market, but you must have a tether anchor for it. The seat is large and comfortable for naps, unlike some cheaper 5-point harness models. Some of the better brands will harness up to 65lbs or 80lbs, depending which you purchase.

Time for a Booster

A booster seat is best for children over 40 pounds and 4 years of age. The Radian booster will protect children up to 120 pounds and 63 inches tall. It is the law in most states for kids to stay in a booster until age 8 or 80 pounds or 4’9″. Also, if you are needing to fit more than one booster in the seat, they measure the slimmest on the market with expandable adjustments for width and height.