Vitamins That Are Made in America, Not China, Are They Worth the Money?

Buying vitamins from companies that have them made in China are without a doubt cheaper to buy. But what is the true cost? How is it that they can make them all the way over there, pay their workers, all the machinery, shipping them over here on a boat that takes 6 weeks to get to our shore, and then have them be 25% less than the USA made supplements.

Why would you buy a product for $28 when you can buy it for $12. Efficacy is the answer. Efficacy means the ability to produce a desired or intended result. You can buy the vitamins for much less, but if they do not work, then you are wasting the $12, and your health will suffer as well.

Let me start by saying more than likely if you are taking a big National Brand vitamin, then the answer is YES! Why? It comes down to money really. Here is a breakdown of how the vitamin business is operated and why knowing where your vitamins are coming from is a big deal!

It costs more to outsource your nutrients from the US especially, but also from Scotland, the UK, Australia, Japan, and a few other countries, but these countries standards are far different than that of China. From a cleanliness perspective to a humanitarian standpoint, as well as the quality of life for the people working in these manufacturing plants.

Let’s take the one nutrient most people know that comes from China: Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid. It is an industry known fact that 80% or slightly more of the world’s supply of Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid comes from China: However, you can buy this same nutrient in the United States, Scotland, the UK, it just costs around 5 times as much. Couple that with the wage of employees that perform the work and what you have is a huge gap. For instance; The avg factory worker in China Nutrient factory in 2018 was $1.32, the same factory employee average in the United States was $17.57.

Buying American Made vitamins:

• They are Safe & Effective, No Recalls, like products from China
• Have the protection of the FDA & GMP
• Pure and Natural Ingredients that are tested and proven
• Manufactured locally, with local ingredients
• American Pride in manufacturing
• Vitamins that begin and end on-site, from the raw ingredients to the final packaged goods for the consumer.
• Keeping American’s working and providing for their families
• Continuing to build our own economy

Vitamins manufactured in the USA have the assurance of the FDA and GMP validating them with their stamp of approval from these two governing authorities in the United States.

From the nutrients we choose, to the way we run our business, we answer to God in all we do!

American Made Vitamins means Quality: Quality Control Teams, Quality Assurance Teams, Reviewed and Tested.