Why Should You Eat Parboiled Rice Every Day?

People often question that how come the Japanese are so fit and slim despite eating rice and noodles on a daily basis? While there are numerous reasons behind their physical dexterity, one vital fact is that they don’t consume the regular white rice but parboiled rice. Parboiled rice, also known as converted rice, is the grain that is partially boiled in the husk in order to augment its nutritional profile for added benefits. But what benefits? While there are various kinds of rice grains ranging from white rice to brown rice to black rice, every specific variety has its own advantages. Parboiled Rice though stands a cut above them. Although it isn’t yet officially declared as the healthiest rice (considering there are thousands of categories), it is certainly the most effective one for the following reasons: –

1. Increases Metabolism

Parboiled rice is a great source of vitamin B-9, or Folate. Since our body is dependable on the specified vitamin and amino acids, the compound helps increase the rate of metabolism. Half-cup cooked parboiled rice incorporates approximately 100 micrograms of Folate which is near thirty percent of the daily required quantity for both the men and the women.

2. Amplifies Levels Of Oxygen

Converted rice is also an excellent source of Iron. Half-cup serving of the grain incorporates approximately 1.4 milligrams of the element which is around 20 percent of the daily required quantity for both the men and the women. According to a study, Iron helps our body in sensing the levels of oxygen present in the tissues and furthermore distributes oxygen through our bloodstream.

3. Regulates The Activities Of Thyroid Gland

Utmost advantage of boiled rice is that it provides us with Selenium, a chemical element which help in regulating the thyroid gland via controlling the activities of thyroid hormones and thus, resulting in prevention of chubbiness or getting underweight. Half-cup of serving of cooked parboiled rice incorporates approximately 7.3 micrograms of Selenium radicals which is near 15 percent of the daily required quantity for both men and the women.

4. Prevents Cardiovascular Risks

Parboiled rice also contains Niacin i.e. Vitamin B3 which not only supports the metabolism of the body but also helps the cells in carrying out the necessary chemical reactions to breakdown fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy and thus keeps the cholesterol levels under control. Half-cup serving of parboiled rice incorporates approximately 1.8 micrograms of Niacin which is near fifteen percent of the daily required quantity for both the men and the women.

So, instead of believing in the half-authentic fact that eating rice regularly can make you obese, remember that daily consumption of parboiled rice is favorable for your body as it helps in maintaining good health. Converted rice is available for purchase mostly everywhere albeit it’s a bit expensive as compared to white rice.