Yeast Infections of the Throat – Globus Hystericus

A person asked me about the yeast infections of the throat I have. Actually it is a lump, and she asked if it is mucus that comes up when I clear it. She also questioned me for my regime in getting rid of my candida symptoms. I shall answer that the mucus may be separate from the lump in the throat. I have never known what exactly it is that causes the sensation of the lump in the throat apart from the fact it’s connected with the iron and general rundownedness. I believe the medical name is globus hystericus, which is unsurprisingly found mostly in women.

From what I have now learned the mucus is connected with the digestion and irritated walls of the colon, but a lot of people have mucus now as well because of the pollution. I think it’s a bit like a cold; it’s an immune system reaction. The mucus is really produced by the body to protect itself.

I take a Biocare non sweetened multivitamin, also extra liquid vitamin C and vitamin B. But, I think the main thing is to get the iron right and it’s only about four months or so in that I’m seeing a major difference, although there were vaguer improvements before now. According to Spatone Iron plus, you can’t overdose on the iron in one or two sachets a day and a child has to take 50 packets to overdose. If you menstruate, there’s no way you can overdose in any case as long as you keep to the dose on the packet. I used to take more pills but I’ve scrapped it all now, I’ve come to realize about iron.

I try and stick to food like a sheep’s milk yogurt a day, lots of veggies, red meat once a week, and oily fish. I’m also eating fruit now without any ill effect. Be careful with pills because they go through the liver and obviously can’t be as well absorbed as liquid. They’re also processed substances and can also coat the colon just as much as processed food. I have Spirulina in the morning on my shredded wheat (no added sugar) or porridge. I can see the difference because I’ve got fungus in my fingernails and it’s definitely growing out now. I think my immune system is righting itself for the first time in years.