Artificial Plants To Replace Dying House Plants

I was visiting a friend the other day and I noticed in his family room was a very sickly looking house plant. The plant clearly did not get enough light or attention. To be honest, it detracted from the entire room. So I asked him why he didn’t get rid of it and he explained that the corner always looked so bare.

I told him how he could replace the sickly plant with an artificial version of the same plant and then I told him about the benefits of artificial plants. I told him how they don’t leave a mess and they don’t need watering. I told him the best part was they did not need much maintenance. Well it did not take much convincing and by the time we had finished talking, he was on-line an ordering a Silk Fern to replace the dying plant. I left his house feeling like I had helped in out.

Artificial Plants can make a huge difference for people who are busy or in spots in your house that just don’t get enough light to sustain a real plant. Silk plants are very low maintenance and they come without all the hassle of live plants. They don’t need watering, pruning, plant food, re-potting and they don’t die or drop their leaves. Besides ferns, you can find most popular house plants in a good quality fake plant. Modern manufacturing techniques have really helped to make silk plants look like the real thing.

A few days later my friend called me and he was laughing as he told me the following. It seems his artificial plant came the week after he talked. He had purchased an unspotted plant so when it arrived he merely pulled the dying plant out of the planter it was in and then he just pressed the new plant into the soil (I recommend using landscape rock for this but soil will work). At first no one in his house really noticed it, but one day his wife came up and commented;”Can you believe how well that fern is doing? I thought it was going to die and now it looks great”. My friend told this drawn out fabrication (he is very good at that) about how he was really taking care of it and watering it everyday. Turns out his wife bought the story and patted him on the back.

Today he was sitting in the family room when his wife came out and started watering the artificial plants. He started laughing and finally came clean about his switch.

Artificial plants are a great idea, but you may want to let the caretakers of the house know if you are making a similar switch.