Flower and Butterfly Tattoos – How to Make These Tattoo Designs Unique and Special

Flower tattoos and butterfly tattoos are without the doubt, at the top of the list when it comes to women’s choice of tattoo designs. But who can blame them? Flowers and butterflies are some of nature’s most beautiful and fascinating creatures that they are usually the subject matter when it comes to works of artistry. And body art is definitely one of them.

When we think of flower tattoo designs, what immediately comes to mind are cherry blossoms, lily, lotus, roses and Hawaiian flowers like hibiscus, plumeria and orchids. These flowers have long proven themselves to be form fitting and exquisite looking when tattooed on a woman’s body. Even if a lot of tat enthusiasts already have them, there are tons of ways to make them unique and personal to you. There are about a thousand ways to execute them on the body as they can be varied in terms of colors, size, shape and meaning. Morever, you can always choose other flower designs that are not yet common as tattoos. Examples are iris, sunflower, anthurium, baby’s breath, tulips, carnation, daffodils and daisy. They are classy and dazzling on their own so they would definitely look great as tattoos.

Butterfly tattoos have long been a favorite among females because of their vibrant and lively colors plus the natural beauty they possess. Moreover, their ability to fly and roam free have always make them fascinating and interesting. The fact that they started out from a cocoon and then emerge into this ravishing being is always an inspiration for those who want a change and fresh start. And tattoos are meant to be that; to serve as meanings and reminders of one’s purpose in life. Butterflies, like flowers can be rendered on the body in multitude of ways. They can be inked in black, two toned or in variety of colors;they can appear on the body as a single butterfly or as groups of butterflies in vibrant hues. The possibilities are endless, it is all up to your imagination and creativity of your tattoo artist.

When it comes to tattoo locations, both butterfly and flowers are very versatile and flexible. They are tattoos that look appealing whether they are tattooed on the foot, ankle, rib cage, shoulder blade or wrist. They can also be combined with other tattoo designs such as cross, stars, tribal, Celtic art and zodiac sign tattoo designs to make them more personal and special to you.

So what are you waiting for? Make your own statement and flaunt your style. Get your own flower and butterfly tattoos now.