Serrapeptase – The Natural Healing Enzyme

Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory enzyme that is commonly being used for arthritis, to protect against heart disease, stroke and even helps better control over dental infections. Recent Japanese patents even suggest that oral serrapeptase may help treat or prevent viral diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B and C.

It treats inflammatory disorders by not only fighting inflammation, but also by relieving pain and swelling, thereby reducing recovery time and stimulating the immune system. It is being considered as a viable alternative to ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medications. There is another benefit of using this natural supplement. Clinical studies indicate that unlike other medications designed to remove arterial plaque, serrapeptase does not interfere with the body’s natural synthesis of cholesterol, which in its pure form is essential to proper organ function.

Serrapeptase plays an important role in wound healing and surgical recovery. Moreover, the healing takes place in a unique manner.

Research shows that these are the three ways in which Serrapeptase is thought to work:

1. It reduces inflammation by thinning the fluids formed from injury thus facilitating the fluid’s drainage which in turn also speeds tissue repair.
2. As a pain reliever, it helps alleviate pain by inhibiting the release of pain-inducing amines called bradykinin.
3. It enhances cardiovascular health by breaking down the protein by-products of blood coagulation called fibrin thus enabling the dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques without causing any harm to the inside of the arteries.

Serrapeptase seems to be Nature’s most potent and side effect free anti-inflammatory. In addition to speeding the healing process, serrapeptase is known to have anti-fibrotic properties, minimizing scar tissue formation.

It can be said that, Serrapetase is becoming a logical choice to replace harmful NSAIDs due to its lack of side effects and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Even though this enzyme has no side effects to an individual, there seem to be few risks involved in taking Serrapeptase, Reports show that if this supplement is used for a prolonged period by elderly people, it may produce gastrointestinal irritation, on a rare basis. In addition to this, individuals with a history of lung problems may be at risk of developing pneumonia and lung infections as Serrapeptase thins mucus secretions. Hence, one should consult a medical professional before considering going for Serrapeptase.

It also has to be noted that the studies involving Serrapeptase generally do not extend over a long period of time. Therefore, the long-term effects of this supplement have not yet been determined yet. One needs to be little cautious and informed when using any supplement for that matter. While naturally derived supplements can be beneficial and safe, they can also be harmful if used carelessly or without consulting a medical professional.