What is Micro Plant Powder?

Have you heard of Micro Plant Powder? Many people haven’t. This may be one of the more interesting supplements on the market right now. Further down, I will discuss the boring background info on how Micro Plant Powder is produced but first, some info about why I am interested in it and why you might be too! The healing benefits of this miracle supplement are pretty amazing and there are no reported side effects. Silica, which makes up Micro Plant Powder, is one of the basics of human life. Because silica is no longer prevalent in our soil, it is sorely lacking in our food diets. This is an easy way to get that back into your daily intake.

This supplement has so many regenerative and healing benefits that can be life altering – you will just have to try it for yourself to see the results.

Here are some of the benefits of Micro Plant Powder:

Lowers high blood pressure naturally. It doesn’t just lower it a little – it lowers it a lot.

Improves joint and bone health and encourages healthy building of cartilage. As we get older, calcium in our bodies depletes and our bones become brittle and weak. Studies suggests that, instead of building bone mass, calcium supplements may speed the leaching away of bone calcium.

Here is some of the background about Micro Plant Powder – feel free to skip this paragraph and get to more of the benefits.

Here is the technical and possibly boring background on Micro Plant Powder and how it is produced. Micro Plant Powder is made from single cell microscopic plants that are found in fresh water beds on the east coast under zeolite beds. These tiny plants are made up of only one cell. They form a hard shell around themselves and over many years float to the bottom of fresh water beds and aggregate to form a solid compound that is made up of 89% or more of pure silica surrounded by molecules of oxygen and other basic but vital minerals.

* May stop the pain of osteoporosis and can help the self repair process. Silica in the powder is useful in creating calcium in the body when deficient.

* Excellent and restorative for hair, skin and bones. It is used extensively around the world for improvement to hair, nails, skin, and bones.

* Lowers high cholesterol dramatically.

Other benefits:

* Fades age spots

* Anti-aging properties

* Stimulates metabolism for more energy

* It helps to detoxify the body of bacteria and pollutants.

* Reduces inflammation

* Lessens undesirable side-effects of menopause

* Can help prevent kidney stones and heal urinary tract infections.

Micro Plant Powder’s benefits go on and on – there are more on my site, including some pretty major benefits. It’s the best “miracle pill” that it isn’t a drug. It is natural and gives your body what it needs to heal itself.