Why Is Breastfeeding Better Than Bottle Feeding?

You may have been told by a friend or medical professional that breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding and just accepted the statement at face value. You should understand just how much better it is for both you and your baby as initially breastfeeding is hard work and can be very tiring. Without proper understanding of the real benefits you may be tempted to give up nursing your child quite quickly when your baby could receive a real helping hand by you continuing.

Research has shown that babies fed on HMR (Human Milk Replacement) formula are generally sicker more often and more seriously than those children that are breast fed. They have also been found to suffer more from ear and respiratory infections. This can be especially true if your family has a history of allergies as when you breastfeed your baby antibodies are passed on through your breast milk which help to protect against illness and allergies. Initially your newborn child is incapable of producing his or her own antibodies which is one of the reasons that breastfeeding early on is absolutely crucial.

An added bonus of breastfeeding is that this will help keep your bills down. To start with you won’t need to buy formula and due to the increased health of your child you should be able to avoid expensive medical bills.

When your baby sucks on your breast this helps with the development their jaw alignment and the development of their cheekbone. Obviously this means that there is likely to be a requirement for orthodontic work for your child when he or she is older.

Breast milk is really an amazing substance. It contains exactly the right amounts of vitamins and minerals that your growing baby needs and unlike formula, breast milk is always ready, always available, convenient, and always the right temperature for feeding.

You’ll be glad to know that choosing to breastfeed your baby will also offer a number of benefits to you as well. Your baby sucking at your breast will cause contractions right after birth which should mean less bleeding for you and this will also help your uterus regain its shape more quickly.

Most moms are anxious to lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy as quickly as possible. Breastfeeding actually burns calories so you’ll be delighted to hear that you should lose weight much faster than if you feed your baby with formula.

Breast feeding will also create a special bond between you and your baby – which is one thing formula simply cannot do.